Original duplicate licenses and licenses are available through the department for a fee of $10. Double original counter-parties of this decision will be immediately sent by the arbitrators by authenticated mail, return bulletin, sent to the landlord and tenants. . An original double to be included in the accused`s minutes of service, unless the judicial proceedings have resulted in the acquittal of all counts, the dismissal of all the findings of the culprit, or the disapproval of the sentence by the summoning authority, unless no finding has been expressly authorized by the summoning authority. In the event that a contract includes both a service and the purchase of certain items, the main part of the contract must be determined and, if the largest part of the transaction is the purchase, the contract should be offered accordingly. All maintenance contracts are: `Double original contracts,` if possible using the city`s contract forms. Dated July 1 to June 30 for one fiscal year.