(b) all other employers that provide health care in the region and are defined by a regulation under clause 31, paragraph 1, point b). (a) the arbitrator referred to in the agreement or a member of the arbitration board referred to in the agreement is unable or unwilling to act as an arbitrator; and an amendment decided by the delegate under this Act or as a necessary consequence of such an amendment – including, but not limited to, a change in the bargaining unit, the representative of the negotiations or the collective agreement – does not constitute an end to the employment of a worker. (a) how the other party adopts, enforces or implements the agreement; Or once a bargaining partner is chosen, the law provides that the collective agreement of most workers in the bargaining unit in which that bargaining partner participates will be the basis for negotiating a new collective agreement for all workers in the unit. Approximately 160 people assist in laboratory and diagnostic imaging services at 16 facilities: Bethesda Hospital, DeSalaberry District Health Center, Ste. Anne Hospital and Vita District Health Centre, Altona, Boundary Trails Health Centre, Carman, Crystal City, Emerson, Gladstone, Manitou, Morris, Notre Dame, Portage la Prairie, St. Claude and Swan Lake. In deciding the provisions of an existing agreement pursuant to Clause 1, Point (b), the Commissioner must consider the question of the extent to which and with what fairness the provisions have been or could be applied to the workers concerned in order to make “essential service workers” an “essential mouth”, i.e. a worker who, under an essential service agreement, must work during a work stoppage. (“insuring employee of essential services”) a collective agreement has been reached and, if so, who the parties are, what its terms are and what the related issues are; If there were more than one such agreement, the receiving collective agreement was the one that governed the largest number of workers at that time. When the parties negotiate a revised collective agreement pursuant to section 3, the resulting collective agreement is a collective agreement that is in effect within the meaning of that law and the Labour Relations Act. (e) a collective agreement is in effect on its terms; Approximately 70 people assist laboratory and diagnostic imaging services at seven facilities: Thompson General Hospital, Gillam Hospital, Leaf Rapids Health Centre, The Pas Health Complex, Flin Flon Hospital, Snow Lake Medical Nursing Unit and Lynn Lake District Hospital. Despite other provisions of the order or collective agreements, no worker is entitled to dismissal, pay rather than dismissal, severance pay or any other compensation if, as a result of an amendment to the subsection (1), the worker`s position is substantially the same as before. The agreement must identify the work functions that constitute essential services.

The arbitrator must, within 30 days of the date of the appointment or within a longer period of time at which the parties consent, issue an arbitral award regulating the terms of an essential service agreement between the parties. Recognizing that an essential service agreement must be updated from time to time, any party to an essential service agreement may denounce it on written notification to the other party.