The agencies covered in Point 39 receive grants from the HSE for the provision of health and social services. Employees of these organizations are not considered by the government to be public service employees. This proposal concerns these workers and those who rely on them; our families and communities. The centre of gravity of the motion is clearly the call for justice it represents. These workers do important work and provide key services in areas where the state has not performed services. This is not the first time that we have talked about the plight of these workers. I was desperate when the Minister of State, Vice-President Finian McGrath, denied last year that these workers had lowered their wages by the government. Nél se sin féor ar chor ar bith. These workers cut their wages, and they were reduced because they were thought to be going to make the slightest fuss. The Minister of State also stated that he did not know how the government would restore the salaries of the 39 section 39 employees, the women and men who would care for the most vulnerable members of our family and friends. I have a simple message for Deputy McGrath tonight. It`s time to think harder. If the Minister of State and his government colleagues could have developed for months the financial law, which provides for a tax break allowing multinational leaders who earn up to 7 million euros a year to pay off one third of their annual salary for income tax purposes, they can commit to restoring the fairness and dignity of our friends in this country who provide these critical services.

– These organizations should always be prepared to be innovative, flexible and adaptable to the often complex needs of all marginalized groups to which they provide services, including people with disabilities, (1) All section 39 requests must be aligned with the most recent western Community health care plan. The operational plan contains the organization`s main priorities and objectives in providing staff-centred and quality social services and health care. – in 2018, the health budget for the provision of services for the disabled amounted to more than 1.81 billion euros; – more than 60% of them were spent on the provision of housing services, 20% on the provision of day places and assistance, the rest providing break services and hours of personal assistance and home assistance. I would like to underline the importance of today`s proposal when it is adopted tomorrow by a vote of Parliament. If this motion is accepted, it will be the express will of the elected Teachtaé Dela. As chairman of the Joint Committee on Justice and Equal Opportunity in Oireachtas, I have repeatedly stressed that the publication of reports and recommendations is not enough. We have to do something. If tonight`s amendment is adopted, the government will have to take immediate action to improve not only those who work so hard for us and for the people we care about. It must take the necessary steps to ensure the full restoration of the wages of Section 39 workers. That is what they deserve. Nothing less will suffice. 12.

You created your own phone/voicemail number – 091 775 003. Some might think it is a miracle that we still have so many workers in section 39 organizations. From my work as assistant and vice-president of the Oireachtas Disability Group, I know that this is a sense of duty, a real concern and a commitment that the overwhelming majority of these workers have supported.