While a tenant`s landlord may terminate the tenancy agreement without cause or increase the rent after renting it or under a rental agreement, it cannot do so in response to the exercise of your legal rights. If the landlord attempts to increase the rent, increase, terminate or change your tenancy within six months of contacting the Public Health Authority, join a tenants` organization or exercise other legal rights, the landlord`s remedy is considered retaliation against you, unless the landlord can prove otherwise. The landlord is responsible for proving that your rental has been changed for reasons other than the exercise of your rights. If the acts or omissions of the housing authority have affected what it calls “silent enjoyment” and you need to move immediately, you may be able to do so without legally violating your lease. An example of a violation of your right to peaceful enjoyment could be excessive noise from other tenants who are under the control of the housing authority.14 Assigning your lease to another person or subletting is usually the best way to leave your lease without losing money. A rental break is if your landlord completely terminates your lease and signs a new lease with a new tenant. You will leave the apartment and are not responsible for any condition of the lease, including future rents. If none of the above situations apply to you, try to gather some arguments as to why your landlord should prematurely fire you from your lease. The property may have increased since the beginning of your lease. If you have a good relationship with your landlord, they can make you break the rental agreement at no cost or with a little fee. The more notifications you can provide, the more likely they are to be understanding. The following forms contain all types of notifications related to a rental agreement. Before you terminate your Massachusetts resident tenancy, you should consider a notice of termination if you believe the issue can be resolved.

For example, if the tenant has not paid the rent, you can, in addition to a late rental notification, provide 30 days` notice with your home management software to cancel or pay the rent. This means that the tenant must pay rent within a set period of time or, in another way, evacuate the premises until a specific date. If the tenant is able to make payments on time, the Massachusetts lease continues as if no termination had ever been served. If the tenant is unable to pay, he must evacuate the premises before the date of termination of the lease. If the tenant remains on the site beyond this date, the lessor may bring an action for illegal detention. It should be noted that when notifying this notification, all instructions must also be followed in the terminated rental agreement (as long as a described procedure is legal). Therefore, both landlords and tenants are encouraged to review the agreement they have signed before sending this message. If no delivery procedure is described, it is strongly recommended to transmit this notification by a demonstrable method before the courts (e.g.

B registered letter requiring a signature). All lease termination agreements should contain relevant facts regarding the Massachusetts lease agreement that will be terminated and the terms that will remain in effect until the date of termination of the lease. These include the address of the rented property, the agreed rent and the date on which the property must be empty. If you can prove that your apartment is not habitable or that your landlord has breached your lease, you may have another way out. In this case, you could start a constructive evacuation procedure….