Please note that, in accordance with the ANU Enterprise Agreement 2013-2016, the steps have changed in a few steps This agreement replaces the ANU Enterprise Agreement 2013-2016 and will be operational from Friday, March 23, 2018. This means that all terms and conditions of employment and rights set forth in this Agreement will enter into force on that date. The University will hold a series of information sessions for all staff members to ensure that staff members are informed of the most significant changes contained in this Agreement. If you would like more information about the agreement, please register for one of these meetings on the COMPANY`s website HTTPS://SERVICES.ANU.EDU.AU/HUMAN-RESOURCES/ENTERPRISE-AGREEMENT/ANU-ENTERPRISE-AGREEMENT-2017-2021-APPROVAL. A copy of the final approved agreement will be made on Friday, March 23, 2018, live and available on the ANU Enterprise Agreement website: Occasional rates include an occasional charge of 25% instead of all paid leave, including long-term leave – see clause 15.7 of the ANU Enterprise Agreement 2013-2016. 54.5. All fixed-term and fixed-term employees (subject to conditions) with an existing employment contract concluded before the start of this Agreement are entitled to severance pay under the University of Australia Company Agreement 2013-2016, subject to clause 13.8 (permanent severance pay (conditionally funded) and clause 56 (fixed duration – authorisation of severance pay). 54.7.

By appointment, the payment of the leave may also be delayed by nine weeks in order to facilitate the continuation of the period of service by granting leave. Holiday credits are reduced accordingly upon payment. 54.1. Subject to clause 54.3 below, a member of the temporary staff shall be entitled to severance pay if:. . . . For the purposes of this clause, `weekly wage` means the normal hourly wage of the staff member concerned. . The university is working to update all relevant university policies and procedures and is developing a series of fact sheets and guides to support the implementation of this agreement. Varied 2017-2021 Enterprise Agreement (certification date: July 6, 2020) (PDF, 1.4MB) Haydon-Allen Lecture Theatre (Haydon-Allen Tank) #23 The ANU Enterprise Agreement covers topics such as the working environment, conditions, holidays and policies and procedures.

Staff recruited on or after March 5, 2009 will be appointed directly to the new salary structure as follows. Contact Human Resources to request an alternative file format. The agreement offers employees a series of improvements to terms and conditions of employment and expands the university in some key areas. It should be emphasised in particular that this agreement offers an improvement in leave entitlements and leave management options, expanded job categories, streamlined redundancy agreements and a series of fair and sustainable wage increases over the life of the agreement. 54.6. The payment of severance pay may be delayed by a maximum of nine weeks to facilitate the continuation of the service, but it shall be paid in the event of termination if it is agreed that the university is not likely to offer additional employment to the employee. The University of Australia Corporate Agreement 2017-2021 was approved by the Fair Work Commission on Friday 16 March 2018. N/A (In accordance with the Varied Australian National University Enterprise Agreement 2005-2009, these steps no longer exist as of 5 March 2009). 54.4.

Severance pay shall be paid in accordance with the following table:. . . . .