We do this to discover things like the number of visitors to the different parts of the site. This information is only processed in a way that does not identify anyone. We do not and do not allow Google to discover the identity of visitors to our site. According to Ronan McNern, a veteran of the Occupy movement and a key figure in XR`s communications operations, the months following the April rebellion were marked by internal clashes. On the one hand, there was Hallam and his supporters pushing for an escalation in provocative direct actions to maintain the momentum. They believed that a relatively small group of people willing to step up their disruptive, peaceful and direct action could quickly bring about systemic change, especially if the country`s elite is in final decline, as Hallam has regularly pointed out. On the other hand, there were people who argued that the moral goodwill and superiority achieved in April should be used to build a wider movement in the UK and internationally. When XR headed for its October rebellion, internally dubbed the “difficult second album,” the April euphoria had dissipated, but despite divisions and quarrels, the movement had continued to grow and had hundreds of bands around the world. Less than 12 months after XR`s launch, many were convinced that the October rebellion would renew or even surpass its previous success. You can contact us at dataprotection@rebellion.earth or via our postal address. Please mark the envelope or use the subject: “Data Protection Officer”.

Among the key figures who appeared during the April Rebellion was Farhana Yamin. Her experience – as a former UN lawyer who helped draft the Paris Agreement and participated in many of the most important climate agreements of the past three decades – has strengthened XR`s credibility and has become one of the group`s most compelling public advocates. While having lunch at a café in North London a few months later, she told me she had joined XR after being disillusioned with her world of diplomacy, think tanks and policymakers. .. .