Of course, we assume that you are aware of the problems of charity of horses, but they do not directly affect your contract with the owners. This deal is your path to happier customers, an easier life, and fewer worries about what might go wrong. But it leaves you open to many potential problems. Without the written training terms, it is likely that at some point you will not agree with your customer as to the exact level of service you are offering and what they should reasonably expect from you. In addition, there are 3 calendars for the agreement, which include details about the horse and the service you provide. This document has been designed to be used by a professional trainer who works with clients` horses in his own stable or farm. The agreement is also appropriate if you take a friend`s horse as a unique favor for a few months. Terms that seem exaggerated for your needs can be removed, and a guide on what you should leave is provided with the agreement. Disclaimers also include coverage for situations where you are invited to ride a customer`s horse on your land or elsewhere. The law in this agreement is customary law, so you can enter into the agreement that best suits both parties. Either you can modify the agreement as a general conditions of sale (and use the same version for all customers), or you can modify this contract for each horse or pony you take. .