A hospital that has an agreement with TPA to provide scriptural treatments is called a “network hospital”. The list of network hospital is available on the user`s website / TPA. Cashless facilities are only made available in network hospitals. Unconnected hospitals are those that are not involved by the TPA, and any policyholder who seeks treatment in these hospitals must pay for the treatment and then assert the right according to the normal procedure. In order to facilitate market access, all documents and clauses that can be used on behalf of Lloyd`s Brussels, including the TPA agreement, have been published in the Lloyd`s Brussels specific section of the Lloyd`s Wordings Repository (LWR). It is obvious that LBS is authorised by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 under an EEA reciprocity agreement, which means that LBS fulfils the criteria of the SCAP clause. In addition, a guide has been developed that presents the main changes and contains a “Track Change” version of the LMA9008B agreement. Third Party Administrator also participates in the management of staff pension plans, such as the processing of retirement plans. Processing rights to health or social benefits requires the use of a specific set of labor and technology, so hiring a third-party administrator for the same is a cheaper method. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) defines the third-party administrator as being currently authorised by the Authority and engaged in the agreement with a sickness fund for the provision of health care for a fee or remuneration.

Third Party Administrator was introduced by IRDA in 2001. The use of LBS0065 satisfies the requirement of a “claims Handler Agreement”, as set out in clause 5.8 of the outsourcing agreement between Lloyd`s Insurance Company S.A. and each managing agent. Management officers should keep in mind that they can continue to use other agreements, but must meet the requirements of the outsourcing contract. Therefore, Chief Agents are not required to return amendments to LBS0065 to Lloyd`s Brussels (as is the case with the Cover Holder Designation Agreement), provided that the amendments do not affect the minimum requirements set out in the outsourcing agreement. Lloyd`s Brussels TPA Agreement (LBS0065), with effect from 1 January 2019, has been published by Lloyd`s Brussels to support Lloyd`s Brussels` management of outsourced damage companies in the European Economic Area. The document was drafted by Lloyd`s in close collaboration with LMA. The document is based on the existing TPA agreement LMA9008B, some clauses having been adapted to ensure that they can be used by administrative agents acting on behalf of Lloyd`s Brussels. . A small working group was formed in June 2018, with representations from Atrium, AXA XL, Beazley, Brit, Chubb, Hiscox, MS Amlin, Lloyd`s and the LMA. In 2018, the group met every two weeks to address the specific needs and issues of Brexit.