Turnover has several dimensions and determining factors. It is also influenced by various government policies, both in the public and private sectors. Let`s take a deeper look at what exactly revenue participation is and how it works in the real world. Article V. Other Section 5.01 Attorney`s Fees In the event that a party deems it necessary to bring legal action or proceedings to assert its rights underneath, the party that has won such an action is entitled to all costs of such action, including reasonable attorneys` and court fees, are paid or reimbursed directly by the losing party of such an action. Section 5.02 Comprehensive Agreement This Agreement constitutes the comprehensive agreement between the Parties and it is understood and agreed that all commitments and agreements concluded so far between these Parties shall be brought together there. Each employee is then allocated a portion of the company`s profits by dedividing the profit by the employee`s annual remuneration. This figure is multiplied by the total amount of profits shared by the company. This calculation is made in order to maintain any incentive compensation in fair balance with the employee`s performance. .