In contrast, Greek authorities maintain that 139 people who entered Greece without documents have been arrested since Friday and add that they arrested thousands more before entering. The Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) was set up on 16 November 1995 in accordance with Article 25 of the Ankara Agreement. The objective of the Community is to promote dialogue and cooperation between the economic and social circles of the European Community and Turkey and to facilitate the institutionalisation of the partners in this dialogue in Turkey. Joint Consultative Comity has a mixed, cooperative and bi-wing structure: the EU and Turkey. It has a total of 36 members, consisting of 18 Turkish representatives and 18 EU representatives, and has two elected co-chairs, one Turkish and the other from the EU. In 2017, Flemish Interior Minister Liesbeth Homans embarked on the withdrawal of recognition of the Turkish-sponsored mosque and the country`s second-largest fatih mosque, Beringen, accusing the mosque of spying for Turkey. [78] [79] While the Turkish government needed a near victory, it had deeper motivations in opening borders. Ankara expected the move to pressure the European Union to support its orientation in Idlib and guarantee additional funds to Syrian refugees in Turkey. In addition, the EU should be forced to fulfil its obligations under a March 2016 agreement where Turkey limits the number of migrants entering Europe in exchange for refugee aid and other promises.

[51] In addition, refugees in Turkey are limited to certain areas where they are allowed to take refuge. These areas often lack critical infrastructure, such as hospitals. [47] Under the Secretariat for External Trade, the EU Executive Council was established to manage, monitor and complete the work carried out under the Customs Union and the objective of integration. The EU`s refugee agreement with Turkey has been in force for two years. It was signed on 18 March 2016 to solve one of Europe`s most pressing problems: the massive influx of refugees. “Merkel`s most important statement in Ankara was clearly the prospect of continuing to provide massive financial aid to Turkey for refugees,” said Gerard Knaus, considered one of the most important architects of the deal. “If financial aid cannot be guaranteed, the agreement is threatened,” says the migration researcher. .